creek street christian college Year 9 10 Camp Warrnambool

Year 9 & 10 Camp Warrnambool

October 5, 2022

The Year Nine and Ten classes had a great time on Warrnambool camp, staying at a campsite walking distance from the beach. With our own cabins, we were comfortable, and we all took advantage of the amenities provided, like making food and watching TV. We all enjoyed taking surfing lessons even though the sea was quite choppy whilst doing so. Some of the students played tiggy late Tuesday night with Mr Knott and that was definitely a highlight. We went to a wildlife park to have lunch and whilst we were there, we saw emus and koalas. We really enjoyed the freedom we got to explore Port Fairy and Warrnambool with one another. Overall, the best bit about camp was just getting to spend time with our friends and do things with each other we wouldn’t usually get to if we were at school.

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