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Student Life

We believe that the opportunities we present to the students will form a strong foundation for the remainder of their lives, regardless of their future paths. This includes their academic, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing


The Student Services at Creek Street consists of various team members. This consists of a Head of Students Services as well as several other experienced teachers and support workers.  We are very blessed to have our chaplains as part of our Students Services.

As part of our Student Services Team, the college is very blessed to have three part time chaplains. Students will have the opportunity to connect with an adult that has the necessary qualifications and experience to support them when they need social, emotional, or spiritual support

Student Leadership

The College wants to make a positive impact on the lives of our students, including building their Christian character and skills as future leaders. Every student is a potential leader who has unique gifts from God. The College provides opportunities for students of all ages to develop their leadership capabilities.

Each year, the College selects Head Prefects, Prefects and House Captains who display leadership skills in various events and activities. In addition to these formal roles, students can lead in other areas.

Bring Your Own Device

Secondary Students studying at CSCC are required to supply their own device for use at CSCC as part of the college’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.

A central aim of the college’s BYOD program is to support the use of BYODs, more specifically notebooks/laptops from Years 7-12. To assist acquiring these devices at a reasonable cost, the college provides the below link which summarises devices deemed appropriate as a BYOD as well as listing devices which would not be suitable.

Further Information

The College encourages and supports students to develop a positive and wholesome outlook on life, to become self-disciplined people and to be responsible and caring members of the community, both locally and internationally.

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