Creek Street Christian College has always aimed to provide a high standard of education while reflecting a contemporary curriculum and maintaining the freedom to embrace additional learning activities as appropriate to a Christian school.

Early Learning Centre

Our learning spaces provide a safe, stimulating, and engaging learning environment and embrace natural elements of light and space. Outside, students learn in a natural playscape that contributes to experiential learning and discovery.

In 2017 we opened a Kindergarten, located on Myrtle Street (access through Creek St school site). Kinder@CreekSt. aims to provide a safe and secure learning environment exploring Christian beliefs and values in partnership with parents. Together we seek to foster the education, well-being and development of every child. Our delight is providing opportunities to support each child’s life long journey of developing foundational concepts and skills within a caring and loving environment.


At the Junior Primary College level, Prep to Year Three, a strong emphasis is placed on the areas of literacy and numeracy and parents are regularly kept informed of their children’s progress in these key subjects through term and semester reports and student record folders.

As students move into the Senior Primary College, Year 4 to Year 6, they are gradually introduced to a wider range of subjects and a larger number of different teachers, while maintaining the strong college commitment to the further development of their literacy and numeracy skills.


Junior Secondary College is Year Seven to Year Nine, while Senior Secondary College is Years Ten to Twelve. A one-to-one laptop program is introduced at Year 7 level thus building on the already varied delivery of the curriculum in our primary years.

At Year 9, students participate in a growing range of subjects with the introduction of our Electives program. This program, run at the Year Ten level also, seeks to lead students into their chosen career paths, or just give them a taste of the possibilities, and continues to expand their learning opportunities further in preparation for future studies.

International Baccalaureate

Creek Street Christian College is pleased to announce to the Bendigo and wider community that we are now a fully accredited International Baccalaureate World School and are offering the Diploma Programme (Years 11 and 12) commencing in 2021. The IB Diploma Progamme is an alternative to the more well-known VCE.

IB world schools are renowned globally for their holistic approach to teaching and learning. This highly engaging, student-driven program allows our young people to follow their areas of passion and promotes their development into lifelong, independent learners.

Extra Curricular

At all levels of the college we provide regular lunch time activities planned and conducted by a teacher. These activities further encourage our young people to develop an active lifestyle through physical activity but also provide opportunities for a wider breadth of passtime interests Eg. art and poetry.

Each year students in Year 9 and 10 are given opportunity to travel to our sister school – Northern Christian Training Centre Primary School, Labasa, Fiji. This is an amazing life experience for all those students that have been able to travel to Fiji with us and one they will always remember.

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