Student Leadership

The College wants to make a positive impact on the lives of our students, including building their Christian character and skills as future leaders. Every student is a potential leader who has unique gifts from God.

The College provides opportunities for students of all ages to develop their leadership capabilities.

Student Leadership Positions


Each year, the College selects Head Prefects, Prefects and House Captains who display leadership skills in various events and activities. In addition to these formal roles, students can lead in other areas.


  • Senior Primary College Prefects/Leaders (Year 6)
  • Junior Secondary College Prefects/Leaders (Year 9)
  • Senior Secondary College Prefects/Leaders (Year 10 – 12)
  • Head Prefects (Formally College Captains) (Year 11-12)
  • House Captains (Year 9 & 10)


Class Leaders in Junior and Senior Primary College (P – 5) and Year 7 and 8.
Missions, community, worship teams or any other areas such as their personal lifestyle

Suggested Activities for Formal Student Leaders

The formal student leaders will be encouraged to be involved in College activities, including:

  • Actively taking part in every House sporting activity (House Captains)
  • Acting as tour guides for College open days
  • Providing leadership for selected clubs
  • Presence at the gates in the morning to welcome their fellow students and families
  • Leading Assemblies or other special events, such as breakfasts, soup kitchens, Australia Day events, ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day, etc
  • Representing the College at community events.

Selection Process

Students vote for and Staff select Junior and Senior Secondary College Prefects/Leaders, Head Prefects and House Captains.