College Fees for 2024


It is Creek Street Christian College’s policy to set its fees at a level that is affordable to most families within our community, while also providing sufficient resources and quality staff to provide the excellent level of education Creek Street Christian College is known for.  Each year the fees are reviewed and whilst the College Council endeavours to keep fee increases to a minimum, it is mindful that education costs continue to increase.

Creek Street Christian College is an independent school and, like many independent schools, receives Government funding.  Government funding paid to independent schools is considerably less than funds given to public schools, so to make up for this gap, independent schools charge fees for the education of their students.

Please direct all enquiries to the Finance Department by emailing: accounts@creekstreet.vic.edu.au

Enrolment Deposit

A non-refundable deposit is required to accept the offer of a placement at the College:

  • Pre- Kinder – Year 12                        $300

The amount paid at the time of accepting a placement offer will be credited towards the fees in the students first term of enrolment when invoices are generated.


Year Level Levy

The Year Level Levy includes contributions towards class sets of educational materials, consumables, equipment, technology, digital textbooks, online subscriptions, incursions, excursions and camps that are relevant to that year level and enables students to participate in co-curricular activities without the inconvenience of additional minor expenses throughout the year.   In Secondary year levels, this also includes the costs of electives, VET subjects which represent higher costs than in Primary Year Levels.

This levy is not adjusted for late entry during the school year and whilst this includes the cost of camps and excursions, refunds do not apply for non-attendance of these events as arrangements and bookings are usually put in place early in the year to ensure costs can be kept to a minimum.

Payment due dates

Fees are payable in advance in 4 instalments on the following dates:

  •  Term 1 fees      28th February
  •  Term 2 fees      11th May
  •  Term 3 fees      26th July
  • Term 4 fees      11th October

It is the expectation that all outstanding fee amounts are to be paid by 30th November of each school year.

Year levelAnnual Tuition FeeAnnual Year Level LevyTotal Annual FeesTotal Fees per fortnight
Early Learning Centre
Pre Kinder (3 YO) $1,980$210$2,190$84.23
Kinder (4 YO) $2,840$345$3,185$122.50
Junior Primary College
Year 1$3,420$449.50$3,869.50$148.83
Year 2$3,420$657$4077$156.81
Year 3$3,420$706.50$4126.50$158.71
Senior Primary College
Year 4$3,420$697.50$4117.50$158.37
Year 5$3,420$997.50$4417.50$169.90
Year 6$3,420$997.50$4,417.50$169.90
Junior Secondary College
Year 7$3,830$1253$5083$195.50
Year 8$3,830$1263$5093$195.88
Year 9$4000$1533$5533$212.81
Senior Secondary College
Year 10$4000$1483$5483$210.88
Year 11$4045$1577$5622$216.23
Year 12$4045$1577$5622$216.23


Creek Street Christian College’s camps program operates on a two year cycle.  The year levels indicated by an * asterisk in the Fee Table go on a major camp during this year which represents a portion of that year levels levy. Other year levels will have smaller camp/s this year and attend a major camp in the following year.   There are no other additional charges for camps or excursions at the time students go on the camp.

Sibling discounts

Sibling discounts

The sibling discount will be applied to tuition fees only.  The oldest child is the first child in the family.

For students in Year Prep to Year 12

  • Second child in family                             $450 per year
  • Third child in family                                $900 per year
  • Fourth & subsequent child in family    No Tuition Fee – only Year Level Levy payable

Discount for students in Kinder Program

The College receives limited funding for the Kinder program, so is unable to offer a sibling discount for second or third child. However, if the fourth or subsequent child of a family is in Kinder, then No Tuition fees for Kinder will apply.

Financial Hardship

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please make contact with the Finance department to arrange a meeting with the Principal and Business Manager.  Within this meeting interim financial hardship measures based on demonstrated need for assistance can be discussed.  The amount of assistance offered is subject to College Council approval and limited to a maximum portion of tuition fees.