We believe that the opportunities we present to the students will form a strong foundation for the remainder of their lives, regardless of their future paths. This includes their academic, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Student Services

The Student Services at Creeks Street consists of various team members. This consists of a Head of Students Services as well as several other experienced teachers and support workers.  We are very blessed to have our chaplains as part of our Students Services.

The Hub logo Wellbeing

The Hub is a space where students go if they need help with their work, or just a quiet moment.  All students are allowed to access this space with permission from their teachers. Our teachers are very supportive of this space. The Hub staff prides themselves in knowing our students well and therefore enabling them to give the students the best possible help. The Hub offers an informal setting, with different seating arrangements and learning spaces to cater for students. This includes a sensory room and egg chairs.


As part of our Student Services Team, the college is very blessed to have three part time chaplains. Students will have the opportunity to connect with an adult that has the necessary qualifications and experience to support them when they need social, emotional, or spiritual support. We are working as a team to make sure that students feel connected and know that God loves them.

Mentor Program

From Year Seven to Twelve, students are allocated a staff member to be a mentor to them for the school year. This staff member will check in with their students each term, to see how they are going with school life and their general well-being. This program gives students the opportunity to connect with another member of staff who can help support them throughout the year.