Arbour Day 2024, honouring our first principal

April 26, 2024

This morning, we celebrated Arbour Day, an internationally recognized and observed day where individuals and organisations are encouraged to plant and care for trees.

Our college has observed this day in the past and hope it will become an annual event, as we are committed to doing our part to care for our environment and ensure our great country’s landscape is preserved for generations to come.

This year, the College’s tree is being planted in honour of Ms Wilma Calvert, who served as the College’s first principal. She first commenced her role at Creek Street Church as a youth and children’s leader over 50 years ago. Together with the Church’s founding Pastor Mr William Kean, they followed
the leading of the Holy Spirit to commence the College in 1981.

The College started with just under 30 students and 2 classrooms, and with Miss Calvert’s leadership, led the school through the development phase of learning programs, policies and procedures, all of which honour the Lord Jesus Christ.

“It is this faith and love for God which the College has been built upon and remains established upon to this day.” Mr V echoed in a speech this morning. “Miss Calvert has a genuine love and care for children and is always happy to chat and smile with students and staff alike.”

Our College is what it is today because of the commitment, strong faith and diligence of Miss Calvert.

Our College Thanks You.


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