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International Baccalaureate (IB) at Creek Street

September 5, 2022

Students complete the IB Diploma Programme in Bendigo

In 2021, Creek Street Christian College accepted the first cohort of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme students. The Diploma Programme is a two-year course for Year 11 and 12.

Students have studied subjects across six groups: Studies in Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies, Sciences, Mathematics and The Arts. They have also completed studies in three Core areas: Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and Creativity, Activity, Service. Through these studies, students have acquired a broad range of knowledge and skills, developing themselves as well-rounded world citizens.

The IBDP prepares students for university, allowing them the chance to develop independent study and research skills. The Programme centres around student-led and inquiry-based learning. When asked how the Programme helped them in their preparation for university and their future, recently graduated students said they now have more insight into Australia and the world. Sommar Willcocks says she now has “a global recognition of the things that may impact not only my life, but the life of many others.”

Sommar goes on to say that the Diploma Programme at Creek Street has not only prepared her academically but has also developed her social skills. Completing CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) “pushed me to undertake activities that would have previously been out of my comfort zone,” she says.

Embarking on a programme that is established worldwide, but only just beginning at Creek Street, was a step of faith for these students. They should be commended on completing this two-year course in the midst of COVID lockdowns and remote learning. These students have developed a resiliency and tenacity to succeed despite the circumstances of recent times.

It is a testament to this hard work that we see the graduating class applying for positions at university that range from nursing to biomed, pharmacy to law. They are a group of young people who have a bright future ahead of them.

When reflecting on the first cohort of Year 12 students at Creek Street, IBDP Coordinator, Marie Boulanger says “we have witnessed quite the amazing journey of self discovery and growth with this inspiring group of young people.” She continues, “This programme is not just academics and grades, students are encouraged to push and challenge themselves.”

Homeroom teacher Neil Holton shares this view. “They are now confident young adults who are well prepared for university or whatever they choose to pursue in the future. We all look forward now, with bated breath, to the results being published. However, regardless of the results, these students have already achieved so much more than just a score.”

Staff and parents alike are proud of the students. They have been an exceptional group for the first cycle of the IB Diploma Programme. Now, they look forward to seeing their exam results in the coming weeks.

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