2022 College Dux

February 17, 2023

In early January our first cohort of Year 12 graduates received their IB Diploma Programme results. Our students worked tirelessly to achieve these results and, as a College, we are delighted to see these young people rewarded for their efforts.

We are pleased to announce our first Year 12 College Dux is Marcus Robinson. Marcus has received a selection rank of 98.5, a fantastic accomplishment. He will be commencing his tertiary studies in the coming weeks, having been accepted into Pharmacy at Monash University. Additionally, Marcus has received a Dean’s Scholarship which includes leadership training and mentoring throughout his course.

The College is celebrating the achievements of our other graduates too. They have all been successful in gaining admission into their chosen pathway. The courses they are beginning range from Nursing to Biomedicine to Criminology.

Ardra Rejeesh has chosen to move to Melbourne, studying a double degree in Psychological Sciences and Nursing. She hopes to then progress to a Masters in Clinical Psychology.

We wish these young people all the best as they navigate their way through Orientation Week and beyond.



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